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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The lifetime sub i bought a year or so ago kinda locks me in there, doesn't it? You're hundreds of dollars too late for that. And I'm NOT buying the keys for the boxes, as the contents are total crap (aside from the ship), and mostly useless to anyone at or near max level in the first place. Even changing the contents of these boxes to fun or useful items would have been a start, but they are basically all garbage other than the ship. That's why you can pick them up for nothing on the exchange.

I DO wish I could turn off the constant spam, though. Guess I could disable all system messages, but seems like there's negative consequences to that, like not getting announcements that downtime is about to happen.

I'm unhappy because it gives me a shitty feeling about the overall direction of the game, and whether the new attitude towards the players post-F2P is going to kill the game in the long term.
I bought 20 of these keys for two charactors, i had assumed at least i would get 20 diffrent things...what i did not expect was to pick up the same thing 6 times(DS9 uniform), consumables and skill boosts........that was what i got for my 1800c doubt enough to have bought the Galor if they had just put it on the store.

I now just ditch the boxes when i pick them up....once bitten and all that.

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