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Re: Comic Book Events/Crossovers to read/avoid

Annihilation gets my vote. Keith Giffen did an awesome job (with some help from people like Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Simon Furman, etc.) of fleshing out the Marvel cosmic universe. I think it benefited from the fact that instead of "major" characters with their own titles, the characters in Annihilation were "free" for the event and no one had to worry about crossing over with other titles. The minis that precede the actual Annihilation mini-series do a great job of introducing the main characters and fleshing them out.

If you like it, I'd recommend the Nova series that spun out of it, Annihilation: Conquest, the Guardians of the Galaxy title that spun out of that, War of Kings, Realm of Kings, The Thanos Imperative, and the two Annihilators minis.
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