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I love it less now. This is the first sign of the injection of more "action" (fight scenes) to improve ratings, after their having almost been cancelled (yes, it happened after season 1 too). I'm not too interested in fight scenes, they take time away from the science fiction, and often are contrived and embarrassing.

eh? I don't think "Amok Time" was unusually action-oriented than many episodes in season 1 were.

The first fight scene of the series was in the first pilot, The Cage, when in illusion Pike fought the Kalar on Rigel VII.

The second fight scene of the series was in the second pilot, Where No Man Has Gone Before, when Kirk fought Gary Mitchell with a phaser rifle.

The main premise of Arena is a really long fight scene between Kirk and the Gorn captain.

But let's not forget Kirk v. Khan (Space Seed), Kirk v. Spock (This Side of Paradise), Kirk v. Finnegan (Shore Leave), Kirk v. Finney (Court Martial), Lazarus v. Lazarus (The Alternative Factor), etc.

Seems like there was already the "injection" of action in the first season.


Amok Time is an excellent episode.
Okay, conceded. I knew I had some memory/concentration impairment, but this alarms me, that I didn't put that together for myself. I wonder why the "action" seemed so much more blatant to me with Amok Time, then. Maybe it's because the whole episode revolves around the fight, rather than its being just one of several events in the plot. Maybe it's because it was the first appearance of that famous fight music...
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