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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Of course, if the financials are in much better shape than that (and suspect you're right), then the blatant money grabs look even worse, don't they?

Needing money to stay afloat is one thing, making it the priority over long-term satisfaction when you're in the black is entirely another
Does the basic concept of F2P games escape your understanding?

The C-Store is HOW they now make their money. There is no blatant money grab.
Thank you, Captain Obvious. Unfortunately for your snarky response, that has nothing to do with what I said. The comment was about IMPLEMENTATION of said store, not complaining that it EXISTS. Not sure how you got there from that. The complaint was about making it such a driving factor that it kills long-term potential, customer satisfaction, etc. Plenty of ways to make that same money without pissing everyone off.

2 year anniversary, FEs coming back after long hiatus, tons of new players that should be excited about the game, right? Why do things feel more negative now then they have in a while?

For example, just SELLING this ship instead of making it a exercise in gambling with poor odds would make everyone that bought it satisfied, and those that didn't would be fine with that choice as well. With the system they went with instead, you've got people that are trying to get it, spending lots of real money to attempt it, and getting pissed they can't get it. And the consolation prizes are crappy enough that it's more insult than consolation.

Plenty of ways to make money, but they're currently favoring short term gain over long term viability. Not usually the best way to go. Completely disagree that the constant spam ISN'T a blatant money grab, though. Not really any other way to justify that one.

These grab bags, along with almost constant spam across the screen about people winning (odds are great, play now!) are frustrating, annoying, and take you out of the game. And just generally leave a sour taste in your mouth when it should be one of the best times since initial launch...
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