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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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Funny that I didn't notice this. Possibly because there was MORE picture in the first episode on the disc, and never bothered to check the others..
Yeah... "Farpoint" and "Inner Light" each show about 102% of the DVD image, while the non-VFX shots of "Sins" -- i.e. the majority of the episode -- is usually displaying only about 83-85% of the DVD. I just hope they correct this oversight on the Season Three Blu-ray set.
Yeah, that's a considerable loss of image. I don't understand how that one got by them to be honest. It's really nice when the other episodes have had slightly more image, but to lose so much...and have it smaller than the TV transmittable area is a pretty glaring error.

Anyone here in contact with Doug Drexler? Perhaps we should post to the comments section of his website to make sure CBS is aware of the problem so it doesn't happen again in future efforts.
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