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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

10. Blood Simple (A-)
11. The Big Lebowski (B+)
12. West Side Story (A-)
13. The Hours (A-)

Having seen Stephen Daldry's fourth film recently, I decided to finally get around to seeing his second, which is the only one of them that I hadn't seen previously (though my memories of Billy Elliot are almost a decade old; may have to revisit that movie as well). I read the novel this was based on last year (it won the Pulitzer). It's a highly literary, arty piece of work, and highly internal in ways that don't always translate well to film, but I think Daldry and David Hare do a pretty good job. The cinematic intercutting of the three timelines emphasizes the parallels between the characters much more directly than the chapter format of the book, which can be a bit unsubtle at the beginning, but you get used to it. The acting is superb, though of the three leads I thought that Kidman, who won the Oscar, was the least-compelling. Ed Harris makes a big impression in his two scenes.

Cinema: 4
Home Video: 8
Computer: 1
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