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Re: Does It Get Better???

teacake wrote: View Post
I enjoyed the retarded cowboy element of the Kazon. They were just a bunch of biker jerks with space ships.
Sons of Anarchy meets Star Trek.
Yeah, I can see that.

Enterprise is Great wrote: View Post
The Viidians should've been the main villains for the first couple of seasons. They were way scarier adversaries than the wimpy Kazon were.
I don't know about main villains but I wouldn't have minded more episodes in the first two seasons featuring them. I never understood that if the race was so desperate to find a cure that they'd steal organs right out of a living person, why they didn't organize to hunt down Voyager for B'Elanna? If they believed Klingon DNA held a cure, why wouldn't they come after Voyager in force? Voyager would have been in serious dire straights with a 1-2 threat of the Vidiians and Seska w/ the Kazon. Voyager would've had nowhere to run.
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