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Re: STO: are starship phasers worth a darn?

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I've just setup the London (my Excelsior) to be a dedicated STF/Borg ship and moved all my anti-proton weapons from the Argus (my Sovereign) to there. I then setup the Argus with all retrofit phasers and I'm currently working on getting some purple quantums on it. I also gave it my Ageis set and move the Borg set to the London too.
See, I used anti-proton beams all of the time at end level, but I've done more damage with a Phaser/Polaron & Quantum configuration on my cruiser. I don't know if it's my particular build, or if it's in my head, but I do some deadly DPS with my current setup, and I take them right into the STFs and blast away.
I've updated my ship's power ratios to 124% weapons, 76% shields, 45% engines and 37% auxiliary. I've lowered both engines and auxiliary to their absolute minimum since these days my ship's acting more like an overpowered Anti-Proton satellite turret. When I attack, I just stay at one spot and rotate the ship as all 6 weapons fire at will.

I'm still in the process of swapping out my Tetryons with a full set of Anti-Proton cannons and turrets. I'm still missing 2 Anti-Proton Aft Turrets and one or two Anti-Proton Mag Regulators (trying to save up enough ec to buy them from the exchange). Once I have those Mag Regulators, we can have a Nanite Probe shoot out and see if beams or cannons deal the most damage.
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