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Re: Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

Part 9

There is war in the Dyson Sphere as groups that do not like the UFP/Klingon/First Federation/etc presence in the Sphere, attack their presence in the Sphere, and the civilisations that had allied with them. The war comes to an end towards the end of the year. More secrets are discovered about the Sphere, which have mainly to do with how the Dyson Builders sculpted the landscape of the Sphere.

Anna approaches the Klingon Empire.

Cardassia begins to stabilise.

War begins in the Dyson Sphere, when an anti-Federation civilisation attacks the Federation base near its borders.

Anna enters Klingon territory.

War continues to simmer in the Sphere.

Anna visits a few Klingon worlds and approaches Qo'nos...

Commonwealth agents and the Section 31 agent follow Anna into Klingon space...

On Qo'nos, A Klingon Imperial Intelligence Agent approaches Anna and tells her about the agents that are following her. It appears that the Klingons know about the Commonwealth too. It also seems that the Federation Council wants her for breaking the Prime Directive.

“I am not a Starfleet officer, I was never in the Academy,” she says.

“It seems that they want you anyway, you have disrupted cultures on many planets, your journey seems to have caused a lot of havoc, and the Federation Council wants to talk to you” the agent says.

“What about the High Council, what do they say?” she asks.

“The Chancellor knows you are in Klingon territory. As for the rest of the Council I don’t know, but he says that you may stay as long as you wish,” He says.

Anna decides to stay in Klingon space for a while.

Tensions between the Federation and the New Dominion increase.

Anna visits several more Klingon worlds.

War breaks out in the Sphere when groups that dislike the Khitomer Alliance presence in the sphere attack some outposts...

Anna leaves the Klingon Empire and heads towards the galactic rim...

The war in the Dyson Sphere escalates.

The Section 31 agent, the Section 41 agents and the Commonwealth starship following Anna leave Klingon space...

Anna visits some warp-capable planets.

Klingon Imperial Intelligence Agents and a Defense Force ship start following Anna...

The Europa arrives near the edge of the galaxy.

Gary Seven leads a team to a planet that Anna's presence had affected... (or rather the agents).

Gary Seven's team helps another planet.

The various groups following Anna cause havoc on the worlds they visit...

Gary Seven's team helps another planet.

More worlds fall victim to the agents following Anna...

Anna approaches the edge of the galaxy.

Ralalita, in the Gamma Quadrant, joins the Federation as the 211th member. The ancient station orbiting it becomes a Starfleet Station.

Anna reaches the edge of the galaxy. She head in the direction of the Gamma Quadrant and visits a few warp-capable planets.

The Station orbiting Ralalita officially reopens as Gamma Station Three.

The Enterprise is sent on an exploration mission in the direction of Lateoval.

Anna visits several warp-capable planets...

Anna visits some industrial age pre-warp planets in a region without warp-capable worlds.

There is a first contact at Gamma Station Three.

Anna vists several warp-capable planets.

The Manitoba discovers a Ringworld near the edge of the Galaxy, 250 light years from Delta Vega.

Anna visits several industrial age pre-warp planets.

There are further first contacts at Gamma Station Three.

Anna has landed on a pre-industrial planet and is resting when Gary Seven meets her. She is surprised that he didn’t appear to her earlier.
“You have to stop running Anna! You have left havoc behind you, and you would create more,” he says.

“It is not just me! It is the agents following me as well,” Anna says.

“They are causing havoc where they are causing havoc because they are following you,” Gary says.

“And if I continue what I am doing?” Anna asked.

“More havoc would be caused, and more people would be following you, creating havoc themselves and fighting, one thing I am sure that you don’t want, and that is for the Cybernators to be following you, and that will happen eventually,” Gary said.

“So you are saying it will end with a lot of chaos in the Galaxy and my being cybernated?” Anna asks. Being cybernated was definitely something she did not want to experience.

“That is one way it could end, there are many possibilities, it is your choice, if not for your choice to explore the Galaxy, the Federation and the Commonwealth would have not known of each other for decades. Possibly a century, now they know of each other, also the Kalateo Empire on the planet which they call Lateoval, You know whereof I speak, would still be standing. Whereas it has now fallen and barbarians are destroying knowledge all over its former lands. Lateoval’s history would have been entirely different. There is practically no telling what effect that would have in the centuries and millennia ahead. The havoc that has been caused has weakened both the Federation and the Commonwealth, and possibly the Klingons also, they might fall sooner than they otherwise would have,” Gary said.

“It is my choice?” Anna asks.

“It is, I, or the organisation whom I represent, will not hinder you, it is up to you” Gary says. Anna stays in that village for the rest of the month while thinking.

Anna leaves the planet and plots a course towards Lateoval, wondering whether Gary Seven had been truthful about the Kalateo Empire falling. She stays on the course...

There are several first contacts at Gamma Station Three.

The Europa explores a sector of the Gum Nebula. They also assist in the aftermath of a Great Hounding.

Anna passes through the coreward edge of the Federation on her way to Lateoval.

Anna arrives at Lateoval Three months after leaving where she met Gary Seven. She finds that the Kalateo Empire had fallen, and that barbarians had been and still were sacking most of its cities.

She finds that its great libraries had been burned. The future for Lateoval had changed. ‘I hope the Preservers had taken heed and saved some of the Kalateo culture’ she thinks shortly before leaving the planet. She then sets course for the Commonwealth Earth. In her wake the Federation starship, USS Alabama NCC 104124, sends down some crewmembers to investigate the aftermath of the Kalateo’s fall.

Several surrounding systems are explored from Gamma Station Three.

The Europa explores another sector of the Gum Nebula.

Further explorations occur from Gamma Station Three

The 212th member joins the Federation. This is the Lalia World Concordium.

Anna arrives at the edge of Commonwealth space shortly after Christmas...

Anna enters the Commonwealth and ship pushes the engines of the ship she is in as fast they can go. That however still draws the attention of Section 41. The recently refitted Enterprise SCC 2701 has to rescue her from them. The captain offers to take her to Earth. She accepts, as the Enterprise can go faster than the ship. It takes a week to get there.

The Section 31 agent, the Federation starship, and the Klingons follow the Enterprise. On arrival at CPN Earth, she goes to Starfleet Command, and asks them to call off the Commonwealth pursuit. One of the Admirals takes her aside and says that they have no control over Section 41, and they would pursue her anyway. She realises she would have to lose Section 41 anyhow. She then apologises for the havoc caused in the Commonwealth, and beams back up to the Enterprise with the Enterprise officers.

The Commonwealth Starfleet Command and the Commonwealth Council decide that to keep on following Anna, would probably lead to a possible conflict with the Federation, which they do not want. The Enterprise is ordered to contact the Federation starship and to ask them to take Anna back to the Federation. The Enterprise meets with the Starship Alabama and the Alabama takes Anna back to the Federation. The Alabama drops Anna off on a Federation planet, after 3 months of travel time.

Anna stays on the planet exploring it for 6 weeks. Then Q appears to her. “Let me guess, the Continuum wants you to follow me. I have made amends to the Commonwealth for causing havoc there!” Anna says.

“You may have made amends to the Commonwealth, but what about all those primitive worlds, where the agents following you have messed things up, not to mention Lateoval where you actually did interfere. The Kalateo had potential,” Q says. 'That is saying a lot, for a Q,' Anna thought.

“Fine click your fingers, fix the problems, the Continuum can do it,” Anna says, uncertain what Q would say, or do, as a result of her suggestion.

“If the Continuum did do that sort of thing, they would be no better than the Borg were, or many other races who set themselves up as false gods. If it was me a century ago, I would have been only too happy to do it, but now, I have an example to keep and the Continuum would probably strip me of my powers again,” Q says.

“I don’t know what to do about it, do you want me to go to Earth and make amends to the Federation too? Or wait for Gary Seven and give him some sort of message from the Continuum?” Anna says.

“It is your choice to make amends to the Federation. However, as for Gary Seven, it is none of your business what the Continuum thinks of him and the organisation that he represents,” Q says.

“I think I will go to Earth, make amends, and maybe then go around and try to fix some of the problems I caused. It is too late for Lateoval maybe, but probably not for most of the planets,” Anna says.

“That is a good attitude, I can and allowed to provide a transportation service, for a limited amount of time,” Q says.

“I accept your offer,” Anna says.

“Where to?” Q asks.

“Earth, San Francisco,” Anna says, without hesitation as she wants to clear her record with Starfleet Command before approaching the Federation Council. Q clicks his fingers and he and Anna appear in San Francisco. Anna knows where she is when she appears there.

“When you are finished with the making of the amends with the Federation I shall be at a famous Creole Restaurant in New Orleans, the food there is worthy of the Continuum,” Q says, and he vanishes in the customary flash of light. Anna goes to Starfleet Command and after explaining that Q brought her to Earth apologises for the havoc caused in the Federation. Starfleet Command wants to punish her for breaking the Prime Directive.

However the Federation Council, after much deliberation, clears her of all charges and allows her to go on her way. In the meantime, the Section 41 agents and the Klingons are thrown off Anna’s trail by Q’s teleportation of Anna; they go back to the Commonwealth and the Klingon Empire respectively. Anna arrives at the Sisko’s Creole Restaurant in New Orleans a month after arriving on Earth, at the beginning of July. After having a meal there she leaves Earth with Q again.

She and Q travel to various planets she had affected, those that Q says can be helped. Also they travel to the planets randomly, so that no one would be able to make sense of Anna’s journeying. This happens for 3 months. Then Q says that he has to leave her. “And now the Continuum says that I must leave you alone, most of the planets that can be helped have been, maybe I will introduce the Commonwealth to the Cybernators…” Q says.

“What of the others?” Anna asks.

“Unfortunately, the Continuum will not allow me the additional time for escort you to those worlds,” Q says.

“I will see you again?” Anna asks.

“Time will tell,” Q says.

“I think introducing the Commonwealth to the Cybernators would produce more havoc that they can I’ll afford at this time,” Anna says.

“You are right of course. The Commonwealth will probably learn of the Cybernators from the Federation, and now I must go,” Q says, and he waves goodbye, and in a flash, he is gone, and Anna is back where she was 4 months before. She finds that the ship she had come in was as she left it, she sets out to explore again setting a course for the planet where she last met Gary Seven. She planet hops on warp capable and uninhabited planets all the way there, and arrives there at the end of the year.

Gary Seven is waiting for her when she lands where they had met before. “So? Have I averted more havoc, as you would have put it?” Anna asks, wondering what Gary Seven would say.

“You have, making amends with both the Commonwealth and the Federation was good. You should have had taken my word about Lateoval though, you could have saved time, and not had needed help from the Q Continuum,” Gary Seven says.

“How did you know about me being with Q? And it was just one Q, one who is well known to the Federation at that,” Anna asks

“You were observed with him,” Gary Seven says.

“Anyway, without his help the Klingons and Section 41 would still be following me, and I would have been here a year later,” Anna says.

“True and you have done a good job fixing things at those planets, without Q’s help of course,” Gary Seven says.

“Good,” Anna says.

“And now you can continue with your exploration where you left off, you can continue going where you were going before, other than the organisation I work for and the Q Continuum, the area of space ahead is unknown to the Federation, the Klingons, the Commonwealth, the Typhon Pact, the Cardassians, Cornelians and all other organisations you know about,” Gary says.

“So I could just keep on going and it is mostly safe?” Anna asks, after she had thought for a minute.

“It isn’t that safe, there is nothing like the Federation or the Commonwealth there,” Gary says.

“Ok,” Anna says. And so Gary Seven leaves, Anna leaves the planet after staying overnight. Gary Seven didn’t need to tell her not to cause havoc, she had learned her lesson. She leaves the planet and heads off into the unknown, towards the Delta Quadrant…

The Federation alliance makes a temporary peace with the New Dominion.

At Gamma Station Three, more first contacts are made.

The Enterprise investigates ancient ruins near Breen space.

Cybernators attack a remote Federation colony.
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