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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Meant to mention I also read last night-

Scarlet Spider #2 - Good read. Despite not knowing the full ins/outs of what happened during Spider Island yet I feel I'm getting enough snap shots via flashbacks to carry me. From a "chicken/egg" argument it's nice that there is a meta human bad guy running around as an assassin in Houston before our hero decided to make it his home. Sometimes the narrative by characters is "We didn't have super villains before we had a super hero". I'm going to keep playing this out as I suspect our rescued young lady has more to reveal about the situation and even herself. While I wish the costume were a bit more throwback with obvious ties to the 90's outfit this one is growing on me.

Incredible Hulk #5 - Well now that we know who split Banner from the Hulk I'm a bit disapointed I didn't see it coming. I was thinking it might be The Leader, seemed a cliched enough angle but it really was
. Not that either would be a good choice but you just know his "fee" is going to play out as crucial in some story down the road. I don't even look for him to call the marker in anytime soon.
I'm still hoping that Banner can turn into A Hulk and hope that Hulk is Gray!! That while the surgeon separated out Green from Banner that another psyche still lingers. All 3 flavors of Hulk fighting in one scene that isn't imaginary or inside someones mind would please me.
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