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Re: TNG moments that made you want to cry(or did)

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An assumption, my good man. Based on the fact that it wasn't shown to us. We can't just assume that he delivered it. Conjecture should be taken negatively more often than not...when it comes to TV, in my opinion.
I think all the Voyager fans who readily accept the big reset button that they got at the end of each episode of Voyager would disagree.

I think that if Jarok left the names and address of his family and the kind of man that Picard is, I think we can safely assume that he at least delivered it to Shinzon or some other representive of the Romulan government during the early events of Nemesis or post-Nemesis (Donatra was honorable) And if not then, possibly through intermedaries during the Dominion War, when they were allies.

It sounds to be like you took the available data about all the items and people involved and decided that they would all act illogically and completely out of character.
To be fair, mate, I didn't look at the big picture. I was only looking at this situation through "The Defector" window, and as such did not consider Federation relations or dealings after the series' end. You have no idea how much better you made me about the ending of that episode.
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