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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

Either at some point tonight, or tomorrow mid-morning before the FE goes live, I'm planning on running a series of Elite Space STFs, if anyone is interested. Another shot at the MK XII purple gear drops.

Infected Elite you can't really lose, so even though the Optional is hard, you always get the end drop.

Khittomer Accord is easy to not lose, and I've had decent luck on the Optional if the group is ok, so if it's not a PUG group, shouldn't be a problem to get both. I didn't roll well, but a couple Prototype Salvage (purple Mk XII gear, but not the MACO/Omega sets) were in the Optional bag. End bag is easy enough to get.

Cure Space I don't seem to have any luck with at all. PUGs won't listen, and keep blowing up the cube, which spawns a bunch more ships, and then the Kang gets mobbed and blows up. Never actually won that one, but up for a try with a better group...
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