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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

I've never seen Max Thieriot in anything but he sure looks the part for that role.

Too bad about The Magicians, that sounded like one of the better pilot concepts this year. For FOX to balk at a genre show is silly; Alcatraz and Touch both have gotten reasonable ratings (tho the former is slipping) and NBC, ABC and the CW are all loading up on genre pilots. In fact, ABC's Gotham uses the same backdrop as The Magicians - a secret world of magic.

Speaking of FOX, what the frak are they greenlighting? I haven't run across much on them, while the other broadcast networks seem to be done with their pilot announcements.

Mockingbird Lane, aka The Munsters, is having difficulty with casting. What, can't they get Brad Garrett and Danny DeVito's agents on the phone?

Bryan Fuller, dump that dog and do a Star Trek series with Bryan Singer instead like you guys want to.

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