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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I picked up a few green boxes which I'll probably sell on the Exchange. I refuse to purchase a key to unlock them.
I'm afraid that instead of quality content, we'll mainly see sales gimmicks coming down the pipe. The 2nd anniversary was a big letdown. Even the Odyssey mission was a farce. I think that as some of you have said, when the newness wears off many of the f2p players will jump ship. .
I was bit disappointed about the 2nd anniversary event myself. Now I know that I am newbie still to this game but they could have putt something else to the gift boxes than shield batteries..not very creative. Some special costume pieces or weapons would have been nicer idea.

This Galor-class thing...I understand that Cryptic has to make money but is it really necessary to spam everybody of getting the ship, considering they recently scaled down the texts that inform about XP and so on?
And why Galor? It does not make much sense Trek-world vice that Fed officers would be flying with those.
And what if there will be in couple of years time a Cardassian faction to play with( after the rumored Romulan one) then everyone will have the ship anyway(or not?)
If they want to make money, why not make storyline mission packs that one could unlock via C-store?

I was bit disappointed of the lack of "fanfare" of the fact that you get to level 50. This is the first time that I have reached the level cap in a MMO and I was surprised to get that far so fast.
I am not saying that the game should be more difficult but I would like to see more content in the future.
Do not get me wrong, I do like the game a lot and its very fun game..and I do have still my engineer and science character to play with, since they are just past tutorial.
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