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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Eh, I'm fine with most of it. If I had a LTS, I'd still be fine with it, as my sub was to pay for lifetime access, not anything else, and if one has had their sub for about 18 months or more (and paid the $299 price), they're playing for "free" in a sense, as they're no longer adding money to Cryptic's coffers every month. The ones who should be a bit annoyed would be the Gold Members, who are still paying monthly fees, and all they have to do, really, is quit paying a monthly and just buy from the C-Store, because those microtransactions will likely make them more money than subs ever will.

For me, the only annoying aspect of STO is that Galor ship spam. Yeah, great, someone found one, that's cool. Quit interrupting my alert messages system to tell me.

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