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I don't think that Distant Voices works with the later revelation of Bashir's genetic engineering because that's his BIG secret and it doesn't come up during his greatest moment of introspection? I find that very unlikely. And while Bashir throwing the exam question does fit with what comes later, I don't see it as a sign that something shifty was going on, I've intentionally sabotaged myself in the past because I didn't want the pressure and I don't have a big secret that I'm hiding. Except the fact that I'm a lesbian, of course.

Through the Looking Glass (**)

If only this episode had aired after the upcoming two-parter they would have had the perfect explanation for Sisko growing a goatee. Sadly, another opportunity missed.

Crossover was over the top and more than a bit camp, but it was also dark, sinister, and perverse. The Intendant was an interesting villain, and the plotting and scheming felt like it mattered because it all played in to how Kira and Bashir managed to escape back to their own universe. I felt like I had a reason to care while watching Crossover, but I can't say I felt the same way watching Through the Looking Glass. Partly it's because I know how this storyline develops and how it will ultimately end, so I know that it ends up being a major clusterfuck and I can't be bothered getting invested in it. Does it matter if the Alliance wipe out the Terran rebels? Not to me because this universe ultimately doesn't matter. In Crossover I felt for the Terrans as a repressed people, and this was aided by Smiley's little speech about how he wants to live a better life free from oppression. In this episode? He says he wants to be free and that's it. It doesn't help that the other rebel characters are unlikeable, and I fear that if these guys ever did manage to defeat the Alliance then they'd just resurrect the Terran Empire (with Vulcans, Trills, and Ferengi) and oppress the Klingons and Cardassians again.

For the most part, it's a competent action-adventure that gets the job done and doesn't bore too much. It also puts Sisko in some difficult situations, first by having him sex up Jadzia and the Intendant, then by putting him face to face with the spitting image of his dead wife. The scenes with Jennifer aren't exactly memorable and don't bring as much drama as you might hope, but this is a campy adventure story so having Sisko reopen old wounds in the middle of that might have been a mistake. It's competent. There's not much else I can say about it.
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