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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I saw two groups of people on the chat last night. Half the people were looking for a way to turn of the SPAM and half were salivating at the mouth, asking where they could unlock this Galor ship. So as far as a marketing technique it appeared to be working. It just upset me because I actually went on a mission and all throughout the exploration and fighting I was constantly getting a system alert that some other player just unlocked a Galor ship. It just totally ruined any hope of getting immersed in the game.

I picked up a few green boxes which I'll probably sell on the Exchange. I refuse to purchase a key to unlock them.

I don't feel good about the stipend either. I'm still missing my first month. That plus the fact that as Scout pointed out, many prices have doubled, making the stipend worthless.

I'm afraid that instead of quality content, we'll mainly see sales gimmicks coming down the pipe. The 2nd anniversary was a big letdown. Even the Odyssey mission was a farce. I think that as some of you have said, when the newness wears off many of the f2p players will jump ship. And then what will Cryptic do when the only ones left are disgrunted players that have been abused and neglected by the company.

And you can't complain without offering a solution and here's one of my ideas. Put BOFFs and possibly DOFFs of some of the characters from Star Trek in the C-store. I would pay good money to have a Scotty on my cruiser. Bind them to the player or character so if another player wanted one he'd have to buy if from the C-store.
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