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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'd grab more of those things, but we need to get our banks expanded. It was fine at launch, as it kinda grew with you as you went, but now that we're not getting more slots with rank, and people have been here 2+ years, it's running out.

One slot for each data type, a few different ship sets (Aegis, borg, breen, MACO or Omega if you're lucky), all the unique weapons you get (things like TOS weapons, special lirpas, anything that levels with you), Anniversary events, maybe even a few rare food samples and other unique commodities, and then couple extra torpedoes and weapon types if you need to change your loadout. My bank has been maxed for a while.

Would be nice if we got a few more slots to acknowledge the bloat as time goes on. Eventually going to have to start throwing away things that we can't reclaim, which sucks. Or they could make the data samples go to the currently wasted Cargo Hold in your ship, so you can get them out of your bank...
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