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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Wow. What an ending. It will be very interesting to see where they go with this. This was a great issue...I loved the Niki stuff and meeting her watcher, they seemed to have a really close relationship, like Giles and Buffy did. This season seems to be turning into the Spike and Buffy show as well. I enjoyed the conversation with the Detective. I really wish the art was more consistent...when we first see Detective (I have forgotten his name) I thought at first he was Angel. Dawn does not look like Michelle either, something I have been critical of since season eight.
I thought the art was the best so far this season as far as Buffy's book goes (Rebekah Issacs' art in Angel & Faith has been amazing from the start), Jeanty's best since #40. I'm often critical of his art because he tends to make Buffy look like she's 13 and his characters sometimes look to cartoonish and childlike, but his strength is in conveying emotion. I had no problems with his art in this issue, people looked adult enough and the emotions were really well drawn. He isn't the greatest with character likenesses, but few artists really get them all right. Robin Wood was the best likeness so far.

A page from the upcoming #7 (just art, no dialogue yet) has been posted on Allie's Twitter account:
It looks really beautiful.

Jeanty will be taking a break for the issues 8-10 and Cliff Richards will step in. Richards is a really good artist, he drew 8.10 and he used to be the main artist for the old Dark Horse comics released at the time when the show was still on.

This was the first issue without Xander or Willow. I presume that Willow will get her own mini-series and only return later in the season. Xander's storyline will probably kick in later, the story right now is focused on Buffy, Spike, detective Dowling and

It was good to see Buffy confiding in Dawn, many people thought she and Xander were too distant from Buffy in the first arc. Dawn may be trying to keep away from the Slayer stuff, but she's there for Buffy for the personal stuff.

(I have to say that one line I really hated in this issue was Dawn's "Alcohol made me end up a giant, centaur and a doll". No, Dawn, alcohol didn't do that. Kenny did. )

The Nikki flashbacks were interesting to see, she's a very interesting character, but I wasn't too happy that Robin still seems to sort of resent his mother. That stuff how she wasn't "strong" enough to leave slaying? Strong? It's rather selfish from him, she was the only Slayer out there, there weren't thousands of Slayers as there are now, and if she's not doing her job, people are dying, but somehow he makes it seem like Slaying was some sort of pastime that she just couldn't give up. I don't know what the issue was trying to tell me with this, but if it was meant to make me think "bad Nikki" or to justify Spike's LMPTM crap that Nikki "didn't love him enough to quit", sorry, no. The idea that Crawley could have successfully replaced Nikki as the Slayer makes no sense. If Watchers were at good at slaying as Slayers, why don't they all take up slaying, instead of making teenage girls give up their lives for slaying? If a Watcher can be so good at it and not get killed, why do Slayers so often die young? Something's not making sense there.

Good characterization for Buffy and Spike in the issue, though the "a new character makes Spike talk about his feelings for Buffy" device is getting old. (I guess we can now add Dowling to the list of Spuffy shippers that already consists of Andrew and Koh. ) I loved the Buffy/Spike scene at the pool. Did he process the fact that she told him she was thinking of asking him to "run away with" her when she was still thinking of having the child. It's funny that she went straight into talking about abortion, apparently not remembering that he doesn't even know she's pregnant yet. I can imagine her planning the conversation in her head several times and telling him she's pregnant and asking him to raise the baby with her, and then changing her opinion along the way and preparing a speech about abortion.

I like that Buffy realized that it's not about being a mother and a Slayer and that she's not blaming her calling on her problems, she realizes that it's the Buffy part that's the problem now, not the Slayer, and that she has to sort herself out before being able to have a child. So glad they are treating it realistically and not promoting the "baby will bring her joy and she'll suddenly find purpose in life and everything will be fine" trope or the idea that she has to have a child despite being in the kind of circumstances she is, minimum wage, perhaps about to become homeless, a mess emotionally, and not even knowing who got her pregnant or how.
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