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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Normally I don't pay to much attention to Scout, or really anyone that complains alot. (Not that I don't acknowledge you Scout, just that I hear the same things here, on the STO forum, and the STO facebook page. Gets old, ya know?)

But in this case, I gotta agree. The key thing is kind of a cheap shot. Either make it a CStore item, or make it available in game. Right now, with the box in game and the key in the CStore, it just feels kinda half-assed.

And for me, yeah, this is the first thing I have a problem with. The few times I've needed to contact CS were during the open beta and shortly after launch, and they've been taken care of. I don't seem to have nearly as many bugs as others do. About the only thing right now is that I can't buy forge slots. But that might simply be because I'm full on characters.
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