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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Logged in last night and man was it crazy. The exchange had such a lag on it. I was able to snag a few items from there, including a master key. Some observations/questions :

- I was hoping the dilithium horta would grant some sort of dilithium bonus, but it doesn't.

- According to the dev diary # 19, the DS9 uniform is an account wide unlock, however after unlocking it on my main toon, I couldn't see it available on the other toons. (Do I need to claim it for free from the c-store?)

- From what I read on the STO forums, the gold box that may contain the ship comes in a purple lock box (as opposed to the green lock boxes that drop as loot), and the only way to get these purple lock boxes is from running STF's? Is that correct? I ran 2 STF's last night on normal (KA and Infected Space) and got a green lock box on each. I have 2 master keys in my inventory, and I'm only going to use them on a purple lock box if I can find one. Until then, I will have a growing stash of green lock boxes in my inventory.

- What have I got so far (from exchange and opening 2 lock boxes) - 4 dilithium hortas, 2 DS9 uniforms, 1 Sehlat cub, 1 box of commodities, 2 CXP boosts, and 1 XP boost.
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