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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

First thing? Really?

Honestly, whole attitude from them is starting to wear on me. Understand they need to make money, but no reason they can't do it in ways that's good for them AND fun for us. Blatant, in your face money grabs are just poor show.

Customer service is unacceptable, when it exists at all. Bran runs around the forum as best he can, but mostly editing posts to remove anything loosely categorized as 'questionable', or promising that he'll have someone take a look. Nothing ever gets done to address these things, Developers almost never address legit concerns.

Then there was the aptly named "Year of Hell'. Through various excuses, all sorts of things were promised, but basically almost nothing happened. Game that was less than a year old took an entire year off from any real progress on their game. F2P became the big excuse towards the end, but they didn't have much problem continuing to charge subscribers, having them pay to subsidize the new players later. Not much benefit over that one, they should have had HUGE bonuses for people still paying at that point, but not so much.

LTS are getting the shaft. Compared to Silver, almost no benefits. Biggest is the 400 point stipend, but they doubled the prices on almost every item in the store after they announced that, so not a ton of value there anymore. Yes, a couple things went down slightly, but in general, prices doubled. Stipend didn't adjust. While we're at it, tons of threads about people not getting their stipend on the right times, missing a month, etc. People asking since December for a way to track it, have it show up on your account somewhere when the rollover date is, or even a log of the transactions like how the Dilithium Exchange works. Nada.

My STO value received has been pretty poor. Bought a 6-month sub when it came out, had never played a MMO before and wanted to try before I really bought in. Got my LTS last December (give or take), so I only got a year of payment value before it went free, maybe 13-14 months max. Using rough numbers, means I'm down about $100 compared to if I'd just gone month to month. technically the stipend will eventually add up to that, but there's not much there I'd actually be tempted to spend real money on, so not convinced I saved money, as I wouldn't have put it in. If I'd gone Silver, I'd have kept the characters, the bank spots, ships, etc. Seems like the stipend and the priority login are all I got. Login SHOULDN'T matter, but last weekend showed that even without a huge crush of people, Cryptic isn't supporting the game at the level needed for all the players they invited in, so priority login DID matter. There were 10s of thousands in queue at one point...

Honestly, i DO enjoy the game, but am losing faith in Cryptic. We're lied to or ignored too often, and since PWE, monetary concerns have clearly taken priority over gameplay, storyline, or integrity. Leveling is way too fast, and there's not a ton to do at the end other than grind STFs and dream of new content to play.

I'm a LTS, so can't vote with my wallet, but game definitely feels like it's going downhill. this should be a HUGE PR boost right now! in a month span, theyv'e gone F2P and brought in all kinds of new players that should still be excited. There was the 2 year anniversary (which was underwhelming), aside from the ships, which honestly aren't really that good in-game. And FEs come back this weekend after an entire year without one. And yet I don't feel all that excited, and the forum's about as pissed as I've seen them. Clearly there's something going wrong here. Can't help that feel after the FE finishes and things quiet down again, game is gonna drop fast. Will be another mini content drought, and many F2P newbies will have already maxed out at least one character and realized there's not much to do at the end. What then?

This new grab bag thing is crap. 100 CP for a key? Really? What's in the bag that's worth it? Only the ship. 100 CP per chance, and only one item worth that much, and it's chance of being in there is like 1% or less. Other items in the 'high value' bags are DS9 uniform packs (about 50k EC on the exchange now), and then XP boosts (already maxed), shield packs (really, a blue MK X shield? straight in the garbage, even my BOFFs i use for storage have better), and new data samples/commodities. ONLY thing I'd pay for is the ship, and even then, wouldn't pay more than, say, 500 CP for it. Unless the odds go up so I have more than a 20% chance of getting one in a mystery box, I'm not playing.
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