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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Jetfire already posted links to the costume on the previous he stated correctly, the suit was a modified version of the version from "Superman Returns". We saw a physical form of the costume in a vault in the Fortress of Solitude several times during the final season. Interesting plot details. It will be interesting to see how Miller writes Lex now that he has returned. I'm guessing the others mentioned in the update blurb, could be the Legion of Doom, who IIRC were introduced or implied in the final season. I don't remember now. Also interesting that it says we'll be seeing "new allies". Perhaps the introduction of more future Justice League members? Would they drop the Bat-Embargo for this? I'm guessing not, since this would be considered continuation of the canon. I'm happy that Brian and Kelly don't appear to be involved in this at all, I'm sure though Miller has their blessing since this is probably stuff they did talk about.
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