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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Hartzilla - I get tons of those two types. Send a msg to @Rocketeer_7 with what you're looking for. (I never think to check this forum while I'm playing)
Well if you have some blue quality ones that would be great but I'm not to picky.
Did you get what you need? I have a few more blue and purple male human tacticals.

I have (or had) 2 or 3 purple femail betazoid science officers but my daughter requested some. (and she takes priority, naturally...) I may have one left if you're still looking. Just let me know.

I picked up another efficient saurian and decided to sell this time.

When did caitian boffs become gold? I didn't see that one coming or I'd stocked up on them.

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