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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

This has repercussions well beyond this season - a comics label has been launched for the purpose of making TV- and movies- friendly comics.

Of course, the concepts are skewing heavily genre. This one made me smile:

* The Numbered: Betrayed and unjustly sentenced to death a notorious crew of seven galactic mercenaries escape to the last free planet of the universe. Tracked by the ruthless Galactic Overlord Earth is given an ultimatum surrender The Numbered or be destroyed.
And how awesome is this? Deathmatch of the Goa'uld!

* War Of The Gods: At the dawn of humanity, a multitude of gods from Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Nordic, Hindu, Chinese, and Aztec lore do battle against each other for control of the world.
I'm pretty sure this one's already been a comic book, called Warlock:

* Foretold: A young man is brought to the future to fight the most powerful being who has taken over the world 30 years later himself.
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