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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

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Submarine crews in today’s navies may remain underwater, isolated from the rest of humanity, for weeks or even months at a time. The interior arrangements of nuclear subs are designed for practicality and maximum use of available space. Curved corridors in a cigar-shaped outer hull would be tremendously wasteful of space.
We're talking about a five year mission, not "months." Anyway, a modern submarine is a straight pipe, divided into decks. It has to follow that form, to travel through water. But a ship in space, not bound to any aero- (or hydro) dynamic? And what wasted space in the 1701? We've already seen curved walls, curved ceilings, curved closets for heaven's sake.

Or are you suggesting that contemporary submarines not be tubes, but long blocks -- something like a massive 2x4, underwater? By your reasoning, that is the most "practical" design.
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