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Re: Why was there never a major Romulan character in a Star Trek TV sh

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I'd like to see someone finally dig down into the Romulans ...
Maybe Temis, there is a place in Star Trek for a mysterious enemy, who are largely a unknown quantity.
That sort of thing is okay for a short period of time, then it gets dull. It's just a gimmick. The Romulans have been around for close to half a century. They're way past the time when they could rely on mystery alone for interest.

The Cardassians were further developed in DS9 and that was seen as a good thing.
Well developed characters are always preferable to gimmicks. Of course someone could come along and totally blow the Rommie's development, but I'm always in favor of the riskier option vs boring stagnation.

The thing is the Borg were supposed to be scary bogey men, where knowing less about them would make them scarier.
Knowing everything about the Borg isn't what destroyed them. They are implacable and unstoppable, and therefore a threat like no other - knowing that doesn't make them less fearsome.

What screwed them up was being overused, which required them to be beaten by Starfleet on a regular basis, and for assimilation to be reversed whenever it happened to an important character that couldn't be written out of the story. This made the Borg look like chumps. Since their un-chump-hood is their most salient feature - really, their only feature - this was a huge problem.

The solution there is for the writers to treat the Borg with respect. The Borg always beat Starfleet with very few exceptions, and only when Starfleet is being exceptionally clever (and therefore, the writers must earn this privilege by being exceptionally clever in what they have Starfleet do.)

I'd impose an ironclad No-Going-Back rule to assimilation. If Spock gets assimilated by the Borg, guess what, now he's a Borg. Forever. So don't play this card unless you're willing to live with the consequences forever.

Or, to summarize: don't be sloppy and cheap in how you write anything, but most especially, not the Borg.
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