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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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In other news: When you log in the next time, you will be able to use any special console from +1 ships (T1-T4) on any ship.

This is absolutely the final nail in the coffin for PvP for me.

I tried a match yesterday and I was disgusted by the console abuse the Klingons are already capable of in their BoPs, now everyone will be using it until PvP is really dead, because no one has fun anymore...

I guess Cryptic didn't sell enough conso... I mean ships.

Sorry for the rant.

Are you telling me I can now put a transwarp console on my defiant?!?!
if it is the one from a T3 Excelsior by Cryptic'S definition you can...

And a photonic displacement on a galaxy class, and a point defense on a Intrepid and a heat seeking torp on a fleet exort or all into one ship.
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