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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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The only thing that might need to be improved is that Borg interior shot, where we pull back to see more of the hive. All it should really take is a small color correction though, to better blend together the set and painting.
Yeah, sure, retouch and remaster and whatnot, I was more saying that I think it'd be a mistake to replace the odd, off-kilter 'battle scenes' in that episode (where the Enterprise and cube just sort of stand there looking at each other, most of the time) with a more modern interpretation (The Enterprise whizzing past doing strafing runs and so forth). I think a big part of that episode's charm is its stateliness- the tension comes from the strange absence of action, the utter lack of concern from the Borg.

The 'pull-out' shot of the cube interior actually made me say: "Woah!" when I first saw it- I don't see the need to replace it, beyond the rescanning and remastering of the original plates.
Actually I think there's one other thing I might try to fix-- the strange part where Data keeps firing in the completely wrong place while trying to destroy the Borg's tractor beam.

Not really sure how you'd fix that though. Perhaps have a beam emitting from each of those three places he fires at? You obviously can't direct all the fire at just the one area, because you'd still have the two other giant craters to explain...
You realize Worf, as the tactical officer, would be the one firing the phasers, right?
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