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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Venom #13.1 - Every week this month the Circle of Four story goes on. Each cover seems to feature a lead character on the cover. This issue had Ghost Rider(Alejandra). This issue starts with guest appearances by Dr.Strange and Damian Hellstrom. Dr. Strange mentions the talisman that is "holding hell back" as last seen when he gave it to Hawkeye to subdue the new Ghost Rider. This took place in GR #7-8, this story is very clearly a Ghost Rider story. I don't see yet why this shouldn't be taking place in a GR title. The other characters serve their purpose for what Blackheart needed I suppose but it's a story about raising Hell and GR is the character clearly tied to that type story.

Now the good news for a GR fan is that at the end of the issue it had a listing for Ghost Rider #9!! I'm excited about that. Marvel allegedly had cancelled the book, anyone heard about a reprieve? I'll take as many more issues as they give me.
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