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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Are you talking common or uncommon/rare/very rare drops? If it's common drops, I've had 3 MK XII drops in the past 2 days, just horsing around at Ker'rat.
No, not the commons. The Prototype (type) Tech drops, that get you the MK XII Elite gear (MACO/OMEGA).

Will also say it's annoying that you've got 3 levels of MACO/Omega gear that don't play together. You get excited about that Elite drop, then realize your MK XII shield won't do anything with your MK X deflector. And no way to trade up or upgrade, so you get gear that you eventually just toss or put on a shuttle or something.

Like I was saying, it would be nice if the Prototype Salvage (Purple) was a MK XII Elite set wildcard, so you could fill in the blanks in your gear set. As it is, it's the equivalent of 2 Rare Salvages, except you can buy MK XII instead of Mk XI.

While I'm complaining about getting Very Rare gear ( ), some of the drops from Defera Invasion have been annoying me. the cool stuff, like the Borg Prosthetics, are tradeable/saleable if you don't use them. Why are the pistols, stun guns, and the like all bind on pickup? If you've been playing a while, pretty much all your BOFFS have MK XI/XII guns already, so a MK X gun (and usually rapid-fire, so shitty with the need for remodulation constantly) is basically worthless. Can't sell it, can't trade it, can't give it to an alternate toon. Should be able to at least melt down the good gear for dilithium instead of having to turn in a Very Rare gun that you've never used for like 1500 EC...
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