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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x13 - "The Case of the Flamping Flurble"

Sandoval wrote: View Post
Personally reading scripts isn't my thing, but I'm consistently impressed by the amount of time and effort people are prepared to put into creating a massive body of work like this - I've said the same thing to LnX on several occasions who has also created a vast follow on to Deep Space Nine.
I started planning this project almost two years ago, so yeah, it's been quite an investment. I started doing the adaptations of the existing DS9-R books more than five years ago. And I'm not done yet, obviously.

Wally wrote: View Post
Huh, what a complete tonal shift from the previous episodes, but I guess we were due for something light. I have to admit I've never really been a fan of Scooby Doo (I know, I know- everyone flame me) so the homages to that series aren't a huge deal for me.
It occurred to me a while ago that - even though DS9 was known for having the most comedy episodes of all the series - there hadn't been a single comedy "episode" in the entire DS9-R (covering Avatar to The Soul Key). That's two whole "seasons of TV" without a single comedy episode.

The nearest things we've got are the gentle romantic storylines - Quark and Ro in Twilight by DRG3 (which I adapted as 8x16 "Baby Steps"), and Jake and Rena in Fragments and Omens by J Noah Kym (which I adapted as 9x03 "Waiting for the Mist to Clear"). But neither of those were comedy - just light. Everything else has been drama-horror-scifi-action. So I thought it was high time we had a flat-out comedy episode.

I'd also always been intrigued by the idea that we now have what I described as a "DS9 Junior Heroes" group in the cast - the teenagers, almost, as opposed to the grown-ups like Sisko, Kira and Vaughn. And I wanted to do something with that. Nog had mentioned the concept in passing to Prynn in the Gamma story of Lesser Evil by Robert Simpson (which I adapted as 8x22 "Greater Good") in the sense of "isn't it interesting how we're all the children of important people." But nothing was really done with it. So I wanted to really play with the idea, and see what the kids could get up to when the grown-ups weren't around.

And that's when the concept of turning the Rio Grande into the Mystery Machine jumped out at me.

Wally wrote: View Post
But what is interesting is that once again character interactions are spot on, and unlike many serialized fan fiction stories- this continues having the pattern of each episode having a beginning, middle, and end. They can all function as standalone episodes just like the TV series, but woven through them are continuing and developing plotlines.
Well thank you again, and I did put a fair bit of effort into constructing the season exactly as you describe. I don't think any of the DS9 characters match up exactly to the Scooby-Doo characters, but it's close enough to get a chuckle out of it. I actually really enjoyed writing this - there were quite a few comedy lines I came up with that I ended up not using. I may find a place for them later...

Wally wrote: View Post
I always liked Shar, and though I know that sometime before 'Paths of Disharmony' that his relationship with Prynn will end; I'm very curious to see how it develops.
One of the reasons I decided to bring Shar back to the station - even though Paths of Disharmony had established that he never returned - was precisely so that I could have him available for this story. I thought there was more to play with the Prynn situation, and Shar has always been so dour and emo that we never really saw the comic potential in him. Who better to get completely trashed off his face than the emotionally withdrawn and serious teenage nerd character?

Plus, I just love the gag of putting balls of tinsel on his antenna so that they look like beeny-boppers. I still giggle at that even now.

Wally wrote: View Post
Also I appreciate he fact that no matter how lovable the Even Odds crew is, they still are criminals (the good kind, I suppose) and at a certain, it really is time to pay the piper. Be curious to see how they eek their way out of this mess. Always liked that bunch.
There's definitely more to come from those lovable scamps.

Wally wrote: View Post
One last forgot the best part of the homage. The inn keeper should have had his face ripped off and shown that it was mask- and maybe to have a twist on it, for the mask to cover up that he really is a ghost or some twisted monster.
Oh, I tried! I tried to work out a way to work that in, but I just couldn't seem to make it fit. Being chased up and down corridors by a monster will have to do

Enterprise1981 wrote: View Post
I love how someone says that nothing could possibly go wrong before everything does go wrong. And it's about time, they see the Rio Grande as their "lucky runabout".
I think I've even figured out a reason WHY the Rio Grande is always their lucky runabout.

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