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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Since we have 55 pages on this thread…could we consider having a Season 2 , part 2 thread?

We could start it off with a re-cap:

Previously, on the Walking Dead Season 2 thread…

Debates and theories and opinions abounded.

Some were adamant that Herschel’s behavior made some kind of sense, while many others just thought he was crazy and would’ve shot him, or at least did a coup of the farm.

Temis admitted she would act like Shane if she were in the current situation.

Morpheus 02 came up with the idea that there’s a zombie virus that does the resurrection, but there’s also a bacteria in the zombie bites that slowly kills its victims.

Gotham Central Came up with a better idea: nanobots are the cause of this worldwide zombie epidemic.

And we complained about the search for Sophia until we saw her demise. Then at least some of else felt it was worth it.

Oh yeah. And everybody loves Darryl. Andrea, well not so much after she shot him.
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