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Re: Janeway wins in a poll of 10,000 people..

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It's not a matter of "just as good" it's that you look different. There are different kinds of sexy, hot, beautiful, erotic and youth is just one of those kinds.

but I disagree-we were talking physical attractiveness, like of actresses or actors. If we were talking what one looks for in a relationship, obviously age can have its advantages, like with wisdom, experience, etc. And of course fifty-year-olds can rarely date twenty-year-olds unless they're very rich or very famous, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't WANT to if they had the chance.

To me, "sexy" and "hot" refer to physical attractiveness. I mean, if your subjective preference is older people, that's your preference.

Again, we're not talking long-term relationships here, just looks.
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