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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Its not like Neelix was a pro-athlete. Only having one lung would hardly make an interesting character arc.....I think the storylines regarding his past, his dead relatives, his loss of faith, his attachment to Naomi were a tad more important than a missing lung.
I agree, and outside of "Jetrel", how much of any of this was really dealt with?
Ummm, "Rise", ""Mortal Coil", "Once Upon a Time", Homestead"....

It's not like I expect multiple episodes with him in physical therapy or anything, I'm just saying that the loss of the lung did not affect the character in any way from that point forward. If someone skipped "Phage", would they even notice, other than for Janeway's two-second reference and Neelix's correction of her that someone mentioned earlier.
How many episodes did TNG take to cover the affects of Worf having spinal replacement surgery?

How many eps did DS9 do about Nog loosing a leg?
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