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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

Still on a re-watch, I guess for now I'll post random thoughts on episodes in expectation for how they'll turn out on Blu-Ray.

I just watched "The Booby Trap" and it's actually amazing how good the SFX are in it. I think some of the model shots of the Enterprise maneuvering through the asteroid field (this would be 6' model in most shots) looks great and really shows of some of the nicest angles of the ship and the near "art-deco"-ness of her design.

Also as noted before the music in this episode is just fantastic and pretty much how the music should have been for the series as a whole instead of being reduced to "sonic wallpaper." I don't think the music in the episode takes away from what is going on on screen at all and actually enhances things. I can't imagine any lesser level of music in this episode without harming the episode in some manner.

I do think Geordi's behavior in this episode is... odd. He spends a lot of time in the holodeck with the prototype designs to solve the problem and, of course, uses the help of a simulation of a junior engineer on the Enterprise's team. (Leah.) It's odd on a ship filled with "the best and brightest" he has to resort to using a simulation to do things. I get the story rules all but it would have made more sense for him and a team of engineers to be in the Utopia Planitia room working on a solution with the Brahms facsimile. There's also a tone to Picard's voice as he talks and interacts with Geordi in this episode both in the way he visits Geordi on the holodeck and talks to him over the com-system before the final solution is reached; he almost sounds disappointed in his chief engineer dicking around in a holodeck simulation instead of working with his staff. But, I guess, given the dire circumstances they were in...
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