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Epic Combat worthy ships there
Funny you should mention combat, because the Stemmonds in my fictional universe represents a rare failure as a combat vessel.

Long story short, Stemmonds was one of half a dozen ships from the Miranda class that was tapped for field trials of various hull rebuilds from the original (TOS) configuration. This program would eventually spawn the Avenger and Soyuz subclasses as a result.

Stemmonds was actually rebuilt BEFORE Avenger, and represents the first attempt with the "roll bar" weapons array. The oversize pod put too much strain on the structural integrity and inertial damper systems in combat, so it was redesigned into the smaller "Avenger" pod which also had the redesigned roll bar configuration.

The Stemmonds herself was retained in service and re-tasked with less demanding scouting and survey duties with half of the pod launchers reconfigured to launch sensor drones an buoys.
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