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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

SISKO - Please RE-READ both the scenario and the response to GARY7,.. IF YOU TRY TO TALK TO ELAAN, YOU WILL BREATH IN THE GAS AND DIE INSTANTLY. And NO ONE IS SERIOUSLY INJURED, simply trapped in the rubble.

Also, as you know there can be no 'IF''s in your response,.. you must state - as a course of action - only that which you do, with the mere seconds (like 5) that you have remaining before you (where the hell did Kirk, McCoy,... and Spock no less,.. come from?????) and your Chief Medical Officer are 'enveloped by death.

So,.. again, NO SQUIRMING OR HEDGING SISKO,.. or "if, then' nonsense,... please state only, and in clear and simple terms only, the immediate course of ACTION you take.


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