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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I can only strongly advise anybody not t ospend any money on these key.
It is the Winter Holiday Box event all over again.

As there are lottery winners in real life some people will get the ship.
But your actual chances will be one in a thousand if you are lucky.
The rest of the items, with an exception or two can be cherry picked from the c-store directly for a higher price then a key but 100% success if you aim for something specific.

100 c-points equal around a dollar I think, now imagine you get one box or so on every mission, do you really want to open them all, because you already have the box and "just" need one key for it?

Please, no.
I don't participate much in games of chance. For every winner there's a thousand losers. I like games where a little skill is involved like BlackJack. ;-)
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