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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Visionary (**)

A few years ago I made an off-hand comment about Visionary being an average episode and a bunch of people jumped on me proclaiming this to be a great episode, and as I hadn't seen the episode for a while I deferred to their judgement. So I sat down last night expecting a good episode and I came away more convinced than ever that this is an average episode.

As I've said before, the casual use of time travel in Trek bothers me, I'm half-surprised that getting struck by lightening doesn't send people through time because everything else seems to. In episodes like Past Tense and Trials and Tribble-ations I'm willing to give it a pass because the time travel angle is used as a means to an end, but in this episode the time travel is both the means and the end. This is undeniably a time-travel episode, which I'm not so hot for, but it's also a torture O'Brien episode, which I am. When O'Brien sees himself get shot, or laying dead on a hospital bed, I can forgive the use of time travel.

But the finale where DS9 gets blowed up real good and the wormhole collapses? That didn't work for me because preventing it relied almost entirely on luck. If O'Brien hadn't been knocked out by radiation and randomly started time travelling when the Romulans showed up then the station would have been destroyed and the series would be over. Frankly, it makes the command staff seem somewhat incompetent that this situation would have been allowed to develop at all. Also, what's to stop the Romulans from trying to destroy the wormhole again next week once everyone forgets that this even happened? The stakes should have remained small and focused on O'Brien's life, making the stakes too big caused the episode to deviate away too much from the torture O'Brien angle.

Ultimately, I can't help feeling that this was a TNG episode. It doesn't lose a point because the Romulan angle was DS9-centric, and that was always enough to save Voyager from losing a point. But still, the tone of this episode felt very TNG-ish, even the music reminded me more of something from TNG or Voyager than from DS9. Overall, the episode had good moments and bad moments, but I didn't find anything special about it. It wasn't skippable, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again.

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