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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well, I'll be selling every box I get and using the EC's to buy any unwanted items that get posted to the Exchange.
I imagine it will be similar to the winter event boxes. I was able to purchase every item, except for the bug ship, on the exchange for each of my toons for relatively little EC. I would be interested in unlocking the dilithium horta, DS9 costume pack, cross faction console, and of course the Cardassian ship. I will probably use my monthly stipend to open a couple of boxes, but I won't be shelling out any real money on these. The c-store points I have saved up are going towards the Sao Paulo the next time there is a sale.

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Also this should increase the exchange rate for CP's to dilithium, so I'm looking to make a killing there too.
And for this reason, I invested some dilithium and purchased a couple hundred more c-store points (1 c-point @ 180 dil) last night before the prices sky-rocket. It took a while for the exchange rate to drop to below 200 dilithium, and knowing that it can go that low, I don't ever plan to purchase c-store points for anything over 200 dilithium.

For now, I'm going to just do the new missions when they come out, log in daily to update my Doff missions, run the occasional STF or invasion mission with our fleet, and spend some actual time working on my first foundry mission. I'm taking a break from the daily grind fest to get dilithium.
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