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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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Instead of complaining we should still be amazed that they are doing this AT ALL. They are not guaranteed to make a ton of money on this through Bluray sales and yet they are still investing a lot of time and effort to re-edit every single episode.
It's naive to think this is being done for blu-ray sales. This is being done to keep the show's format competitive in all aspects of video distribution, whether blue-ray, HD broadcast, digital cable or internet streaming.
I agree, those people who think it is being done just for Bluray are naive, I however, am not one of them. CBS is investing a lot of time and money on this project and I am very pleased that TNG is getting this treatment. I look forward to seeing it in true 1080p on Bluray, and then broadcast to a broader audience in 720 and 1080i and compressed 1080p through Netfilx, and syndicated outlets.

The point, my friend, is that few shows get this treatment, and we should recognize that this is special.
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