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Re: VOTE! Avatar Contests: Acquisition / Ferengi from TNG to ENT

The polls are closed and here are the winners!

In the Episode contest, your humble contest runner's study of T'Pol snatched victory from the unwilling grasp of od0 and his cute Porthos & Clint Howard shot. Thank you kindly! And od0 is doubtless happy to settle for puppy kisses this week.

BTW, I've whipped up a really lame 150-pixel version of a Golden Porthos. Anyone who wishes to come up with something better, please be my guest.

In the Theme contest, Skywalker ran away with the win with his candid Ferengi-o-rama, with 3 runners-up at his heels-- Shran, od0, and yours truly.

Congrats, and thanks to all the entrants and voters for taking part.

The next episode is "Rogue Planet." Skywalker, what's the theme to go with it?
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