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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
But that was Castle's minds eye casting his own daughter as a moll he was thinking about banging on his desk...
I don't remember anything about Joe wanting to have sex with the "sister." His first reaction to her was that she was a hick.


Christopher wrote: View Post
It was a reasonably fun episode, a good try to emulate the '40s detective milieu, but the cinematography was too modern.
I really don't think that's a reasonable complaint. It obviously wasn't trying to imitate old-style cinematography, so why hold that against it? Or compare it to an episode of a TV show that aired a generation ago that it has nothing in particular to do with? Its goal wasn't to re-create every aspect of the old film noir genre, its goal was to play with it and have some fun. Being upset that the cinematography was too modern is like being upset it wasn't filmed in black and white.

I also have a hard time buying that the diary was actually written in the style of a hard-boiled detective novel. It would be one thing if they'd established that Joe was an aspiring author who'd chosen to dramatize the case in that style -- or if they'd had the diary itself be fairly prosaic and made it Castle's imagination that interpolated the Chandleresque elements. Then there's the coincidence that the case just happened to involve people who were good fits for each of the show's main characters, not just in role but in appearance, age, and ethnicity. The whole thing was just too contrived.
Well, yes, it's contrived. It's an excuse to goof around and have some fun, not an attempt to win an Emmy for Most Sophisticated Writing Evah. You either accept the creative conceit -- "We're just going to have some fun with this and not worry about plausibility" -- or you don't.
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