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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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DC should be going their own route in crafting their film universe, not copying Marvel's template. "Green Lantern" was supposed to be the launching point in a new era for DC Ent's Film division and we know how that went. They have to sit down, plan, stop promoting characters they want to see and promote, and start promoting characters that the fans want to see which is the Justice League. I'm not saying build up to a Justice League film, I'm saying concentrate on introducing your characters and build your universe first. DC seems to have a much harder time in doing this than Marvel has had.
Um...I'm pretty darn sure fans wanted to see Green Lantern. They just would have preferred the movie not be a steaming pile of crap.
I agree with both of you, the point I was making is DC needs to get off of its as and get moving. I would argue that Marvel has consistently pumping out the hits since X-Men in 2000. Marvel as a studio has become very strong since IronMan. Obviously Batman has been very successful and the new Superman looks promising, but they have really screwed the pooch over past decade.
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