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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

GARY7 & T'GIRL - While we wait for SISKO, my ever-delinquent buddy, to re-surface, I'll take a moment to make some clarifications while we wait for his answer as what he will do.

GARY7 - While it is true that Eleen blocks the only way out of the tunnel, however, it is not true that 'oxygen is running out'; what is true is that poisonous volcanic gas is rapidly filling the cave - making what oxygen that remains in the cave totally unbreathable,... which means no one can talk; as you must breath to talk,.. and breathing in the gas means instant death,.. so there is no politely asking Eleen if it is okay to phaser her and her unborn child to death.

However, I will award you with +3 points for 'Officer Courtesy' when murdering innocent pregnant women. LOL!

Also, no one sustained any 'massive internal injuries' as the hypothesis states in paragraph 5: While no one - including the unborn infant which Eleen carries - is seriously injured,... so Eleen would not 'be dying anyway'.

Furthermore, the hypothesis states: there are only seconds remaining before Captain Sisko and his Chief Medical Officer are enveloped by death,... so there is NO TIME to administer a Hypo to her lower body, knock her out, and then try to conduct a mining operation to 'widen the hole around her' with the Phaser - a Phaser which only has ONE SHOT remaining, besides.

Sisko and his Medical Officer would be dead about the same time they determined the hypo took effect,.. and "Fried Eleen over super-heated Rock" probably would be more noxious to breath in than the deadly volcanic gas,... one might assume LOL!

Keep pondering old bean!

T'GIRL - Yes, as the hypothesis states, Eleen blocks the only exit from the cave,.. ergo, remove the 'blockage' and the cave exit becomes unblocked, and therefore 'open'.

All of your suppositions are quite valid and intelligent in there formation, HOWEVER, in these scenarios, there is NO TIME for thought,.. only ACTION,... by answering 'What Do You Do", and not 'What do you 'think'.

Also, all of your 'IF' statements, would by-in-large only answerable AFTER THE FACT of taking immediate and irreversible action first.

+3 bonus points for being 'the deepest thinking two dead officers on the cave floor'. LOL!
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