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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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People have brought up an interesting point with regards to rescaling ships. That could be seen as an "error" that needs to be corrected, as opposed to simply 'jazzing' up the show or trying to inject new life into it. I agree that some scales are definitely off.

This has been in the back of my mind for a while, and others brought it up: how much more time and money would it have taken to give us two versions of each episode: one as it originally was, and one with interpretations based on what some fans wanted (rescaling ships, not using the same shot ten times in an episode)?

This is a serious (i.e. not rhetorical) question. Not every effect shot would have had to have been 'reimaged'. How long does it take to produce, etc. the average effect shot in TNG? How many of us would have been willing to wait a little longer and pay a little more for two versions of the episode? I know I would. I've waited this long already!
I don't think they could have done a project of that scale, where they would give us 2 versions of the same thing. Personally I was hoping they would give it a TOS-R revamping.

The insane insistence that the HD version stay "true" to the original is annoying at best. You will notice that most of TOS-R actually stayed true to the "heart" of the series. While I loved TOS (and my dad even more so), watching the originals now makes us both laugh (my dad calls the Enterprise the "Frying Pan") because the FX are so cheesy. We love the original because it was easy to forgive them for the lame FX, because in that era, that's all they had. Along comes TOS-R, and while you can tell the ship is CGI most of the time, when compared to the original scenes, is light decades ahead!!! I'm fine with the CGI not being ultra realistic if we get to watch an episode like "The Doomsday Machine" actually play out the way it should have been from the start!

It's kind of the same for TNG. I love the show, but it had some stinkers in it that, for the most part were completely due to lack of budget (I'm sure Code of Honor was a budget episode after blowing their load on EaF and Naked Now, and it took them a while to give us another great one, like "Where no one has gone before", etc etc.

I was hoping TNG-R would revamp some of the budget limitations. It doesn't mean that the boring episodes needed Jar Jar Binks in every scene. I would be happy if key episodes play out with action that was only implied in the original episodes (again, due to budget). I seriously would have payed $200 a season easily for this. I don't think I would pay more than $80 a season for what we are getting. There are far too few episodes I liked enough to want to see in HD. The Sampler had none.
We are going to see SOME changes, I am sure about that, so far, I'm not unhappy with the percentage of new shots or tweaks. In the future though, some episodes could use, 20-40% changes to make them better....Yesterday's Enterprise is a great episode, but the battles are lackluster and out of scale for example.

I still have high hopes that this episode will have better on screen action. Q Who is another one I'd like to see have better action. Where no one has gone before has such awesome FX to begin with, this one I would not mind if they just remaster to HD as is. Anything extra will be gravy.
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