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Re: I can never decide which episode to watch

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Make it a theme night.

Monday: Spisodes where Kirk talks a computer to death.
Tuesday: Someone dies and is revived by the end of the episode.
Wednesday: Kirk tells some native culture their god is a lie. Thursday: Chekov screams.
Friday: Redshirt = Deadshirt
Saturday: Someone a main character knows ends up dead.
Sunday: Love and/or Revenge is in the air.
I'm afraid that would give you only four mondays and a whooole lot of fridays!

I'm so far watching tOS for the first time, so I'm proceeding via air date. At the first half of season 2 right now.
Love the week plan. You would also get a whole lot of sundays too. Be wary of the 3rd season. My mom and I agree that the 2nd season is the best. The 3red season however in my opinion and my freinds SUCKS on soooo many levels. It's hard to find an episode where somebody doesn't kiss sopomebody.
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