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Re: WOLVERINE director search down to 8

@Admiral Young - I've not forgotten about DD or FF but there is no way either can get up and going and be ready for a Feb/Mar release next year. Neither have a script and FF doesn't even have a director confirmed. Could they make sometime in 2013, sure but not late winter/early spring which was my point and sure 2014 is wide open.

@Vulcan - really? I, Frankenstein is a comic. *goes to google* huh, never heard of it and I'm not exactly unfamilair with comics.

As for Wolverine I'm sure they will shoot the script they have from 6months ago. It was approved and ready pre-tsunami. If the Vancover dates are locked in then there is plenty of time for this film to be finalized. I'm not worried about a "rush job" in this case.
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