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Re: Janeway wins in a poll of 10,000 people..

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And season 1 Gates is hot.
Gates was hot in every season. Perfect body, delicate face and complexion and long, wavy hair. Definitely an underrated Trek beauty.

to each their own. Women past forty seldom look "hot" to me-they can be good-looking or pretty, but by mid-TNG Gates was in her early forties and no longer capable of being "hot."
I'm assuming you're young.

Nothing wrong with that.

But at some point you have to start transitioning and believe that 40 year old women can be hot, because if you're still interested in 15 year old girls when you're 45, there's a word for people like that.

Doubly so for fat girls.

of course there's I like doughnuts "fat" and then there's surviving 4 pregnancies "fat" (espeically if you were the one putting those babies inside her!) but in either case, all the hunting skills you have learnt as a teenager are not going to serve you well in your middle years.

The really weird thing is that a plump 16 year old can pass for a relatively normal sized 25 year old. She's teased and abused by her mean girl peers, but then with out effort or disguise she can go to the pub and drown her misery.

So the complete truth of the matter is that the older you get, the younger and more beautiful all the women on film forever forty will relatively seem to become.

Hells, there's a day coming soon when you're going to be older than gates in the 80s, and you'll think of her as a stupid know nothing kid.

It's days like that, to look forward to, after they light your 50 birthday candles that you're trying to decide who to throw that cake at in their sanctimonious wrinkle free face.

Ageing is a bitch, but there's always dying young.


gates was on Franklin and Bash late last year.

I thought she looked astounding for 62.

Hells, I thought she looked fabulous for 42.

(in 1993, she was on a show called Dream On, which regularly showed b-list actresses topless, and when I saw gates name in the credits at the beginning I... paid a lot of attention to that episode.)

I can't remember where I heard this but it always make me smirk when my memory is refreshing.

"My GOD! YOU'RE GORGEOUS!!! ...Do you have a daughter?"
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